The 4 P’s of building your fitness website

By: Jonathan FitPro

Are you looking to build a website? Do you have a website that’s isn’t doing well? Are you intimidated by the idea of website coding? Then this article is for you.


I’ve reviewed a lot of personal trainers’ websites and I see similar errors every time.You think the website is about YOU. Your end goal is to get more clients to pay you for your services, but instead of using your website as a vehicle to get contact information you put too much time into talking about yourself.
Now I understand, and I was guilty of this early in my career. My website was filled with articles, workouts, a long bio about my certifications, and my burning desire to train,but no one cares about that stuff, at least not until after they meet you.
Your website has one goal, supply the client with enough information for them to contact you through a form or a phone call. For this to happen, you need a YOU-BASED website:

  • “This is what I can do for YOU
  • “This is what YOU will get of my program”
  • “Here’s a list of things that YOU don’t have to worry about”
  • “Here’s how we can get YOU started.”

No one really cares that you’ve been training since you were 17 or when you got your certification. (If you doubt me, ask anyone what certification Jillian Michaels has.) They aren’t going to come back to your website to read your blog, that’s what facebook is for.(but we’ll cover that later) Your goal is to communicate the benefits of your bootcamp to your prospective client so they give you their information and you’ve only got one shot.


The second HUGE error that I see with websites is that they are way too busy. I understand that you are very proud of yourself and this is an opportunity to involve yourself in the creative process but most trainers go overboard. Here’s a list of mistakes trainers make and the problems they cause.

  1. Flashy intros  -slow loading times, people don’t have time for that
  2. Highly Artistic Sites/Fonts – Often times the text that your clients are trying to read are hard to understand.
  3. Background Music – Highly distracting and can be a turn-off if your prospective client isn’t into that kind of music
  4. Too many words – clients don’t want to read a novel they just want to know you’re safe, affordable, fun, and you can help them achieve their goals.
  5. Poor flow – Every page should seamlessly lead to the next, if a client has to jump around, they can miss out on important information.


There are a few terms you should understand when putting together your website. Domain, Hosting, and Platform.

Hosting Site: Simply put, every website needs a hosting service. The hosting service is the company that puts your website on the world wide web. They usually charge a fee of about $100/year. There are a lot of sites that offer hosting like GoDaddy, Network Solutions and InMotionHosting. But I would say you best and easiest bet for hosting is iPage, click here to check them out. 

Domain: This is the actual address of your website. It follows “www.” This is usually bundled with the hosting service and the cost to keep your domain name is about $15/year. Here are a few tips on domain names.

  1. Leave out special characters(-_!@#)
  2. You’re better off with a decent “.com” name than a really good “.net” name
  3. Keep the name as short as possible
  4. Don’t try to buy an expensive domain name from someone that purchased it before you. Save your few hundred bucks for equipment.

Platform: This is the service that you use to build your website. There are tons like Wix(houses it’s own hosting and domain services), WordPress, and regular HTML coding that you write yourself. My personal preference is wordpress and it’s the platform onto which I build this site, and my business website


Now here’s where I see the real trouble. Keep in mind you’re going to have to pay about $150/year for your website because of the hosting fee and domain fee. There’s no getting around that. However, when it comes to adding colors, video, pictures and content to the site, I’ve seen a lot of trainers spend far too much money. Here are options when it comes to the cost of building your website along with pros and cons.

  • Elance: Site for people that do freelance work
    Pro: You’ll get someone else to do the work for you
    Cons: I was nickeled and dimed for every edit that I wanted to make. I used Elance to build the FitProCalculator(some of the coding was over my head). It should’ve been a $1500 job but turned out to be a $5000 job. OUCH
  • Barter: If you have a client that build websites you can exchange their services for yours.
    Pros: No money besides the $150 has to be spent
    Cons: I had a client offer to optimize In the end I felt the site was no better than it was before. I gave away 3 months of boot camp with no real return. That amounts to $450 essentially lost. This can be even more problematic in personal training as one hour of your training may be bartered for something that takes the person 15 minutes.
  • College Student: Go to a college campus, find a computer science major and hire them
    Pros: Cheap Labor from someone that is knowledgeable and needs the money
    Cons: They may not take your business as seriously as you and may not be good with deadlines. I’ve never gone down this route and I personally wouldn’t want to
  • Build it yourself: Sit yourself in front of your computer and build it using wordpress
    Pros: It’s free, you can edit your site however YOU want to on your schedule
    Cons: You don’t know anything about building websites.

Now if not knowing how is the ONLY thing preventing you from doing it yourself, I’d say check out my website, It’s a site I built using wordpress on the ipage hosting service and obviously I’ve seen a lot of success with it. I have a walk-through that will show you how to build that exact same site for your business and you can take all of the guess work out of the coding process.
It’s part of the Dumbbells to Dollars Course on how to build a $100k/year fitness business. Check out the free preview for the course, look at any of the lectures in the web presence section after lecture 107 and you’ll see how I make it easy for you to build a website just like mine in under 2 hours. I hope this can help you save hundreds of dollars and hours of wasted time in your effort to build a website. If you have any further questions, email me at and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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