How to Explode your personal training Business with Groupon

By Jonathan FitPro

By: Jonathan FitPro
In this article I am going to give your some great tips on how to explode your fitness business using Groupon correctly. I’ve heard a lot of horror stories from trainers who used Groupon and regretted it. 

If you heed this advice I promise you Groupon can be an invaluable asset. It will help you market your business to people you might not otherwise reach. So go through the article, put this to use and watch your fitness business explode!

The 4 things you need to run a groupon deal

  1. A website – from what I’ve seen, it doesn’t even have to be a great website. But you do need to have an online presence of your own that gives legitimacy to your business. Don’t have your own? You can take one of three routes. If you’re really new to making websites and low on cash, check out Their platform is one of the easiest I’ve seen. If web hosting, html, and getting your own domain doesn’t sound intimidating, you may want to consider wordpress. If you know someone that builds websites, hire them and perhaps you can barter your training services for their web services. 
  2. A facebook page – You need to have a fanpage so that Groupon sees that you have a social media presence. Before you apply to grouon, make sure all your family, friends, and clients are on your page with great things to say about you. Also, make sure you’re posting on your page regularly.
  3. A review page – Groupon wants to see that people will refer your business. A great place to create a business profile is Again, have your family and friends write great reviews about you, but not all at once or else disqualify many of them. 
  4. A physical location – You need to have a physical address to get a deal. You could run your service out of your home gym or your home backyard. You can also sub-lease out of another facility like a gym, a gymnastics facility, a cheer facility, or a martial arts dojo.

The only service you should offer on groupon
Groupon is not made for personal training sessions. You can’t afford to offer 5 personal training sessions at $10/session. Even if that was your deal, you only get half that amount in your pocket since you split  revenue with groupon. Crossfit is a great deal, Bootcamps are an even better deal. If you want to maximize your earning potential, you should offer classes at peak hours and use that as a funneling system to get more personal training clients later. It doesn’t cost you any more time to service an additional person entering in your existing bootcamp so offering a class allows you to leverage your time and make more money.

If you’ve never run a group training or bootcamp class before, check out my Dumbbells to Dollars course on how to run efficient boot camp classes. 

Click the “learn more” button to view sample lectures

How to price your groupon deal

Don’t get greedy with your deal. The fact that you get money back for someone to do your advertising is awesome.  The most successful deal I’ve ever run is a a 30 days for $30 of bootcamp deal. It’s reasonably priced and encourages a lot of people to try it.You want a lot of people to take your class to increase your turnover possibility. DO NOT offer a deal for more than 30 days.
Now groupon may try to force you to do a 5-pack or 10-pack deal. These are bad news because people that purchase these are usually flaky. If the only way you can get your 30 for 30 deal is if you offer the 10-pack as well, price your 10 pack at $40. Anyone would choose a $30 for 30 days over a 10-pack for more money.

Getting the right type of deal
Not all Groupon deals are the same, here are the three ways you can be featured and what each means:

  1. Full Feature – this is what you want to ask for. Full features are sent to everyone in the general area via email and give you the most exposure. You will usually only get a full feature once, so it’s very important that all your deal is well run the first time around
  2. Private Sale – almost as good as a full feature. This method sends emails to new groupon customers and people that specifically want fitness deals. You don’t get as much exposure, but you reach out to the people that want to hear from you
  3. Express Deal – This is poison. You will have a deal page, but groupon will do nothing to promote you. If you don’t hear the words private sale deal or full feature, ask what you have to do to get it. Even if it means waiting and getting more reviews, it’s worth the wait.

Getting on Groupon Quickly
The easiest way to get on groupon is speak directly to an account manager. Find a local business that’s running a groupon and speak to the owner. Find common ground, let them know how much you like their service, tell them you’re a personal trainer, offer them some workouts, and then ask for their groupon account manager’s info. Account managers are always looking for reputable businesses to feature so if they get a referral from an existing merchant they will be more likely to contact you.

Final Tips for Getting on Groupon
Here are some tips to make sure people don’t take advantage of your deal and commit themselves to your service so you have a higher chance of conversion.

  1. Make sure the fine print on your deal says limit one per customer
  2. Leave the door open for return – make the deal available to new bootcampers and bootcampers that have been inactive for 6+ months
  3. Have a contact form with health history information on your website that your client must fill out before they do the class
  4. Arrange a 30-minute fitness profile using the fitprocalculator to develop rapport with your new client. You need one on one time so you can understand what this person is looking for
  5. Have your clients sign waivers and contracts before their first workout. Have your client submit debit or credit cards for holding in case they want to continue after their 30 days so you don’t have to chase them down for a sale. This will greatly increase your chances of conversion. If you’re looking for paperless waivers and contracts that you can access with your tablet, again check out my Dumbbells to Dollars Course on how to run group classes.

So that’s it, you’re now ready to run your groupon feature. After you convert these groupon folks into bootcampers it is a much easier up-sell to personal training. I’ve decided to give up personal training because a successful bootcamp earns me all the money I need from teaching 12 classes a week. I’ve included everything I learned while building my business in my Dumbbells to Dollars Course, if you want that same success, my group training course will definitely help you. To learn more about this awesome course, click here

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