NASM CPT Certification Review


What makes certifications different?

In terms of which certification is right for you, the first thing I want to help you understand is that many CPT certifications are very, very similar. In terms of the testing for these certifications I’m pretty sure that I could’ve studied for the NSCA certification and passed the NASM pretty easily and maybe even the ACE pretty easily.

It just depends on how well you study and how well you retain information. You have to understand that fitness is the same no matter what. There’s always going to be risk factors, you’re always going to have to have a base line understanding of nutrition. You want to understand how certain exercises work certain parts of the muscle. You’ll want to understand fitness testing. You want to learn how to keep clients safe. And you want to understand scope of practice.

That’s essentially what all personal training certifications do. There are a lot of other certifications that I haven’t mentioned besides ACE, NSCA and NASM. Such as NESTA, ISSA, ACSM but when you look at the requirements for gyms that are hiring you’re not going to find any gym that wouldn’t take any one of those three: ACE, NASM, and NSCA. So those are the three for the baseline.


Let’s talk about the NASM Certification

NASM Certification
NASM Certification

Here for instance is the current edition for the NASM personal training exam. This is the fifth edition. When I became certified with NASM I took the 4th edition example but I actually used the third edition manual to prepare for it. I saved about $60 on the manual and just bought the practice exam for the current version. If there was a term I wan’t familiar with, I just looked it up, but I never felt caught off guard while taking the exam.

If I were to recommend a certification for you guys to start off with, especially if you’re just looking to train the layperson, not exactly high intensity athletes I am actually a fan of NASM. I feel that their screening is going to be most relatable to the average person that you’ll see walking down the street if they were looking to get fitter. I believe that even though the newest edition isn’t as clear as the previous editions, it is the easiest to understand.

Should I get more than one certification?

I know you only need one certification. There’s no reason for me to have three as a professional trainer, but as a mentor to you guys I had to get multiple certifications so I could explain things like this to you.

If I were to suggest more education, it would be my Dumbbells to Dollars Course because it’s everything the certifications didn’t teach you about prospecting clients, selling, closing, nutrition coaching, and starting your OWN business.

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Your BEST NASM CPT Alternative – Instead of teaching you how to PASS NASM CPT Personal training exam (certification), I think you should PASS on getting it. Four years after buying the course and passing the exam, here’s a review on why I think it was a huge mistake.

Instead of worrying about how to pass the nasm cpt certification exam, you should switch your focus to how to be a successful personal trainer.

NASM CPT Certification Review I know many personal trainers think a certification is the only way to be successful in the fitness industry, but there are so many things a certification won’t give you.

More information on the cert from NASM:

To Pass the NASM CPT Exam | Certification, you will have to answer questions on
Questions on Basic Exercise Science
Questions on Anatomy:
Questions on Muscular imbalances:
Questions on Exercises in the OPT Model:
Questions on Special Populations:
Questions on Nutrition:
Questions on Scope of Practice:
Questions on Relating to the client:

But how much of this will you actually need in the every grind of being a trainer? None of it..let me show you a better way! The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)is fine…but you can be better.
NASM Study Guide

Fitness Mentors Study Guide

Blood Flow and the Heart Video

Pocket Prep


+ NASM Early Edition Manual:
+ OMRON Body Fat Monitor:
+ Rode Lapel Mic:
+ Food Scale:
(this ^^^^ website has guides for each chapter that are V HELPFUL so look at all of them)

+ Canon Rebel t5i
+ Sigma 30mm f 1.4
+ Rode Lapel Microphone
+ Apple Screenflow