I just got certified, now what?

In this article I’m going to give you some tips where you may want to land your first, or next, personal training job.here

Once you get certified, you have to get as much experience as possible. There is no environment better suited to give you a lot of experience than working in a big box gym. Rule #98 in the 100 Rules of becoming a good personal trainer saysIt’s not the most glamorous, it’s not the most lucrative, but starting in a big box gym may give you your most valuable experiences. I know a lot of you have long-term goals of owning a gym or owning your own boot camp, and that’s a great goal. But instead of trying to do things on your own immediately, take time to gain experience and get your name out there as people you train in the gym, may become your clients when you start your own business. While the money usually isn’t all that great to start, you’ll make a lot of connections and you can purchase things that usually come with ownership like:

  • Business formation
  • Equipment
  • Insurance
  • Marketing

You have to view working at a gym as an entry level position so you have to expect that it won’t be easy. But it’s better to make mistakes in that scenario than when you’re by yourself.

Personal Trainer Salary

Now in general, big box gyms pay you half of what they charge for your services. If the client pays the gym $50/session, you’ll get $25. So you really have to hustle. A lot of gyms don’t offer hourly rates just for being there so you have to make the most of your time. If they allow it, I would definitely recommend teaching semi private classes (2-4 people/hour ) and you can make as much as $75/hour. If you don’t know how to train multiple people at the same time. Check out my training course.

If you want a longer winded explanation about a personal trainer’s salary, watch this video.


No matter what, if you’re new to personal training, remember rule # 61 “Remember the beginning of your career is always going to be the hardest.” If this is your first job, there are going to be times when you struggle. Push through, stay positive, and remember that with time it will get easier. Now let’s work on helping you dominate the gym scene. Learn the 7 tips on how to become the most popular trainer in your gym.