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As a personal trainer you’ve probably struggled with explaining why you’re worth $50+/hour usually it’s because you’ve had difficulty communicating your value. With the FitProCalculator you will give yourself an edge as you now have an easy to understand report card for fitness. Click here to take a look at a the fitness profile output up close. Note that all generated reports will hold YOUR logo. Click here to take a look at the paperless PAR-Q. 

    1. Improving your sales process
    2. Keeping Client Retention high
    3. Earning extra income
    4. Educating Your Clients on the reality of health and fitness


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There are a lot of gimmicks and gadgets out there that will make promises that they can’t keep. But we at FitPro Calculator are dedicated to elevating the quality of personal training around the world. We started off by putting together over 400 hours of content to help personal trainers with certifications, sales, business management, and psychology through our blog. We extended to create an online course to help trainers run efficient, and effective bootcamps with our Udemy Course.

We now want to help you get more organized and make sure your clients understand the amazing effect that your services bring to their lives with a fitness report card. We are so confident that the FitPro Calculator will help you organize your fitness testing efforts, improve your sales process, and better educate your client, that we are offering a 14 day money back guarantee. If you use the FPC for 14 days and feel it isn’t an awesome tool, we’ll refund your registration fee. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!