4 Fitness Certifications that can help you grow your business

By: Jonathan FitPro

If I had to guess, I would say 85% of the questions that I get from personal trainers revolve around getting more clients. Their questions usually range from printing fliers to learning how to leverage cragislist, facebook, and instagram. While there are definitely strategies with each platform that can help, there’s no better advice I can give than increase your exposure!

Trying to get more clients by offering personal training presents two issues.

  • Price Resistance – it’s hard to get people that don’t know you to pay you $40/hour
  • Time Constraints – even if 10 people were interested in your services at a time, you can only entertain one, running the risk of losing 9!

You need to offer classes. Classes expose you to multiple prospective clients at the same time, they offer an opportunity to get paid for talking about your services and if you have interest from multiple parties it is very easy to transition into semi-private training and make more per hour.

Bootcamp is KingBootcamp-Classes-Dublin-02
Now you probably know by now that I’ve built a comfortable living running bootcamps and I am a huge proponent of them because they solve both problems listed very easily. I personally feel your focus should be to run bootcamps on your own because the more you grow, the more you can make in a fixed amount of time. Once you identify clients that you want to train personally you can pick and choose.


With your existing personal training certification, you have a lot of the necessary knowledge to run a successful bootcamp. Bootcamps are personal training sessions with more than one person, that’s it. If you want to learn how to organize and run a successful bootcamp, check out my Dumbbells to Dollars Course.

But let’s say that you want more options on how to grow your business, I’m going to go over 4 more group certifications that you can get to grow your fitness business.

Why are these group certifications so helpful?
People like classes!
They’re fun, they promote a sense of community and they are cheaper ( per person) I don’t know why so many trainers close their minds to this but unless you’re training millionaires you will have to work very long hours to build a comfortable living on personal training alone.

You have an opportunity to constantly up sell.
If someone initially doesn’t want to train with you but falls in love with your classes, you have an opportunity to promote yourself as a trainer multiple times over.

Not everyone is ready for your intensity.
Training with you one on one may be a little intimidating for a newbie. You have to accept the fact that for many people, just walking into a gym and breaking a sweat is a BIG DEAL. So they will start off with the easiest path possible. As a personal trainer, you have to be willing to teach both kindergarten and AP Calculus in the world of fitness. So let’s go over 4 additional certifications that will give you more exposure.

classes-zumbaA lot of trainers go out of their way to bash Zumba, but it is usually one of the most populated classes you’ll find in a gym. Clients flock to Zumba because it presents a fun, low intensity way to sweat your cares away. I’ve seen certifications as low as $300. A small investment to get 20+ people in front of you on a consistent basis at $5-$10/class. That can be an easy $100 with an opportunity to pick up more personal training clients. For information on Zumba certifications, go to this link.

2) Spinspin-class
You have entire gyms that ONLY do spin. SoulCycle is one of the United States most successful spin franchises and they easily charge $35 per person in a class in New York City. That’s more than some trainers charge to train one person. Demand is just as high in big box gyms that offer spin classes as sign in sheets are regularly required at peak times. If you taught spin you can very easily make $30 per class to promote yourself to 20+ people. Spinning.com offers a number of locations to earn a spin certification at just over $300. If you don’t mind the seat, or the heat, the exposure will be great for you.

3) Yogayoga
Okay this is a certification you should only get if you really have an interest in yoga because most reputable yoga certifications require 300+ hours of “internships” but the payoff can be huge. Not everyone wants loud music and dancing, some people prefer to do yoga after an intense workout or as an alternative. Moreover, good yoga instructors are not that easy to find. Finally, personal yoga rates, on average, exceed personal training rates. So you can pull someone from a yoga class for private instruction and charge $70-$80 instead of $50-$60 with no equipment carrying involved. Prices for yoga instruction can start at $400, but for more information, start your research at http://www.yogafit.com/trainings

Barre is the new kid on the block but lot’s of people (predominantly women) flock to barre for it butt lifting, and core tightening exercises. We as fitness professionals know that there’s no such thing as spot reduction but still, it gets people in the door. Since our focus is exposure, it will give you an opportunity to get in front of these clients and talk about the benefits of weight training or the specialized programs you design for your clients. At around $300, this falls right in line with the top 3 certifications mentioned. You can start your research on availability here.

Final pieces of advice:

  1. Work with your current knowledge base and check out my bootcamp building course which comes at a fraction of the courses below
  2. If you’ve never taken a spin, yoga, zumba, or barre class, take 3 ( from different instructors ) to see if they are in line with what you want to do.
  3. This is especially true for barre – make sure there is some places near you where you can actually USE these certifications. You can do yoga and zumba anywhere, but if there are no gyms in your area with spin bikes or barre classes, skip those classes
  4. Always talk about your personal training! Or if you’re teaching these classes in a box gyms, look for opportunities to teach these classes when the gyms schedule doesn’t make the class available. 

Nothing can compete with face to face exposure. The more you can connect with your clients, and the more clients you can connect with, the more successful you will be. 

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