Congratulations on taking on the Nutrition Reset Challenge! These next few weeks will help you to get healthier, improve your energy, and show you how good your body can feel when you fuel it correctly. Your first step will be to download our guide so you know exactly how to approach this challenge. Click on this link to download the eBook.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way we have to get you virtually connected. To join my secret facebook page, go to —fb. I will also being doing a lot of instagram posts to keep your accountable so make sure to follow me on instagram at —ig


Okay so we’re all set, you’re now locked in and ready for the challenge. We have weigh-ins every week for the next few weeks so I can’t wait to see the progress you make. If you have any questions, email me at —email.


All the best, I’ll see you on the facebook page!


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