Q:What’s the main reason why people quit personal training or any gym
A: Lack of results.

Q: What’s the number one aspect of a good fat loss program
A: Good nutrition habits


Are you struggling with getting results for your clients?
After all the hard work that you put into securing a sale and getting a client to sign up for your training, you need to show them great results. BUT there are two problems:

  1. Even though certifications mention nutrition, they don’t properly equip trainers to offer effective nutrition programs
  2. Even if the trainer knew enough about nutrition clients only follow nutrition programs when they have 2 things: structure and motivation

Before I created the nutrition reset, I burned myself out both physically and emotionally putting together awesome workouts, watching my clients work hard in the beginning, only to see their motivation dwindle because the scale wasn’t moving. I tried to get them to write journals, but even that was difficult because the motivation has to come from the client, I just didn’t know how to activate it. 

That’s when I noticed something amazing
I have a friend who has never focused on her diet. If I want to have a cheat meal, I call her. Until one day, I asked her if she wanted to go out to a bar and she said she couldn’t drink. Not that she didn’t, but that she couldn’t and she would just have water. I have never seen this woman turn down a beer so I had to find out what had caused this. Her answer was that she was doing a 30 day challenges offered by one of those pyramid supplement companies. There are tons of companies that capitalize on the general population’s desire to get fit while pumping them up with synthetic chemicals. The most frustrating part about this is that they were telling my friend the EXACT SAME THING that I’ve been telling my clients for years. While I don’t believe in offering supplements people don’t need, her discipline was amazing.

Why was she so committed?
Because she knew she was only doing it for 30 days! Anyone can commit themselves for 30 days. Especially when you have a lot of before and after pictures of people who have done the challenge. And the truth is, some people may quit after, but many continue to do these challenges and refer a lot of their friends because they work. 

Addressing motivation
There still has to be motivation to start the challenge so I added my own spin on this since I already had the fitprocalculator and turned the 30 day challenge into a contest. I would provide the before and after measurements ( a task that totaled about 3 hours ) the before and after pictures, and I charged $30 per person. 1st prize won 30% of the pot, 2nd prize won 15% of the pot 3rd prize won 5% of the pot. So after signing up 35  people, I earned $525 for about 3 hours of work!

What’s more important is that I was able to convert 8 people over to my bootcamp at $197/mo! So, long-term, about 3 hours of work netted me over $2000! Some of these people never intended on joining a bootcamp but they were so impressed with me as the facilitator of this challenge, they figured my exercise program would only further their results, and they were right!

So why would I bother to tell you?
I have a fantastic relationship with my clients so they offer me great feedback. Even if that means telling me about my competitors. I have a few clients that did the whole life challenge, and one of the main reasons she said she preferred my Nutrition Reset is because I was there and she wasn’t interacting with a stranger.
Ideally, people need some human interaction. It the same way you want to talk to a person at a bank and not a machine. If you’ve been following my youtube channel for the last 4 years, you know that I give out a lot of information because I’m passionate about fitness and I just get annoyed with a lot of the BS information that makes our jobs as fitness professionals harder. So instead of keeping this for myself, I’ve turned the Nutrition Reset into a course.

What do you get?
book-cover2Sure, you start off with my 30 page eBook. And yes, ANYONE can write an eBook, but instead of fluff, this offers nutrition information that anyone can understand as it has been rewritten based on the feedback of the hundreds of people who have done my challenge so it is more understandable for the average person. It will also include information on how to journal on MyFitnessPal so you have an avenue to up-sell daily nutrition guidance and your clients will also get in home workouts that they can do so you literally don’t have to do ANYTHING. 

That’s not enough — You need to operate as an entrepreneur
I show you how to monetize this by breaking down how to structure Screen shot 2016-08-01 at 2.15.37 PMyour challenge, accept payments, and sell this to your clients. I will also include 50 free sheets to my FitProCalculator so you can give your clients a full color before and after report card, that will separate you from your competition so your clients can understand their results and they will rely on you because not many trainers know how to use this app.



I’ll show you how to manage
In order to make this challenge work you need lots and lots of relative content.Screen shot 2016-08-01 at 2.29.47 PM Anyone can just post random links to articles about fitness but I have put together 2 per day for all 30 days of your contest. One of these daily posts will be adherence to the daily theme to promote interaction and loyalty. The other daily posts will motivate your contestants, give information on how to stay on the plan, educate them on health, offer a few workout explanations, and offer mini goals for the week, and I’ll weave in the copy that I used to get referrals to my next challenge AND my bootcamp.These will be posted into your secret Facebook group, which I will show you how to create so all you have to do is copy and paste.


I’ll show you how to sell it!
The biggest issue trainers have is with sales so of course I will include a section on sales.

  • I have identified the 8 times of the year where people are most Salesinterested in starting a nutrition program and have included the scripts for you to use on your Facebook page and Instagram feed to get people pumped to start your challenge.
  • I have included a high quality pre-made promo video that you can put onto your instagram or Facebook page to get people interested
  • I will show you how to use facebook ads to reach out to people in your area
  • There’s no better advertisement than a before an after picture, so I’ll show you how to get, create and use before and after pictures so you can get a huge response for your future challenge


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